You’ve found a key!


Here’s what I’ve been working on this week: keys and locked doors.

This seems like very basic feature to add to a game like this, which largely consist of puzzles ending with the opening of a new pathway to the next puzzle. But I have waited quite a while before implementing the keys, and the reason for this is that all the components of this feature are also found elsewhere in the game design.

Keys are basically a “Quest Item”, which you can use together with the keyhole, an “Activator”, which in turns activates the door. All of these features are things I have worked on previously, which means that this weeks task was simply one of bringing it all together, and to make 3D models and animations for all the new elements.

What you see in the .gif above is actually the second locked door I created. I made another version before this, but that one just didn’t turn out good enough, and I had to remake it. Here’s what the first version of the door looked like, in case you are curious: