Why did it have to be Snokes?!


Snokes: the natural enemy of an Elephant!

Though this is primarily a puzzle game, I am also adding a little bit of combat. This is the Snoke, the very first enemy type. They are rather small, and only takes two hits to go down. They will usually appear in numbers though, and they can be overwhelming when they are many.


The most fun part of this asset is obviously the animation. As it turns out, snakes have several different ways to locomote. I choose this slithering one, because it is basically a sine curve. In fact, for a while I thought of naming this monster Sin Snake, as a reference to the mathematical function of its movement. So, in preparation for this asset, I actually animated a sine curve in 2D, which I then used as a reference for the 3D animation.


This Snoke is also one of the features that existed already in my early 2D prototype, which means there was already a fully animated version of as a 2D sprite. That’s always very nice. It’s concept art that moves!