Welcome to the Barbershop!


Throughout the game, in chest and in pots and in various hiding places, you will find loads and loads of coins. Finding shinies is always satisfying, but what do you do with all your money? This is the answer: you purchase new colors and pattern for the little elephant!

There will be a barbershop like this in every town in the game, and each one will have a handful of unique outfits only available in that town.

This past week I have been working to get this whole system up and running, with the scrolling menu where you can select items and make purchases. I have constructed it in such a way that the whole menu is generated from an external list, which I keep as a text document within the project. This means that I can add new textures any time, and the computer will simply add them to the list automatically.

I think everything is working as it should now, so at this point it is only a matter of making a whole lot of different patterns and put them all in the game!