Watering the flowers


Here it is: the water ability!

The little elephant can charge his trunk up with water, and then spray it out with great force. This can be used for many things, such as watering plants as shown above, or putting out fires. I also have an idea of some sort of water wheel that can be set spinning, and on at least one occasion I want the elephant to spray water over a sleeping character to wake them up.

As I have mentioned before, you don’t really unlock new abilities as such, but rather use whatever you can find in the environment. So if you want to use water for something, you’ll have to find a nearby water source that you can use.

It’s really subtle in the .gif above, but one of the cooler things about this feature is that the elephants body actually swell up a bit when it is filled with water. The elephant fills up like a balloon, and he looks delightfully chubby when he runs around full of water.

I am also childishly delighted with the nice bubbles!