The Loremaster


Boy, has it been a long time since my last update?!

In that time, I have moved to a different city and completely rearranged my job and financial situation, which is why updates for this project has been a bit slow. But now I should be back in action again, and begin posting stuff more regularly.

The picture above shows the Loremaster, one of the oldest Bonewights in the world. He is over 1000 years old (he’s undead and can’t die) and he spends his long un-life collecting all sorts of tales and historical accounts from all over the world. He is especially interested in the impact of Elephant on world history, and this character is a rich source for background information of the world and previous elephants.

When you first meet him his library is in a state of disarray, but throughout the game you help the Loremaster to rearrange his wealth of knowledge, and in exchange he will let you read any book you want from the vast collection.

At this point I have really just created the graphics for this special room and character, so the whole unlocking snippets of lore aspect still requires a lot of work before it’s up and running.

My general rule is to begin each new feature by creating all the graphical assets needed, both because it makes the feature itself easier to visualize while working on it, and because creating graphics is pretty hard and repetitive work, so it’s nice to get it out of the way!