Pick up chickens


Since any object in the game can be picked up, as long as it as tagged correctly, it was very easy for me to add a cute chicken and have it ride the elephant. Why? Because it was easy! Also, Zelda have a long tradition of carrying around chickens, presumably for much the same reasons as I have just given, so it came pretty natural here. I am also tempted to have some sort of quest down the line, where an NPC ask you to find them a chicken.

But the chicken is also part of something larger. One of the things i really liked about my attempted 2D version of this game, is that it had a lot of small critters frolicking about in the forests: hedgehogs, turtles, snails, butterflies and so on. Little animals like these were simple enough to add in a 2D version, because they where just a few frames of animation, but in 3D they will need concept art, a 3D model, textures, a rig and unique animations. That’s a lot of work for an asset that has no impact on gameplay whatsoever.

So these little animals have a rather low priority in the production, which is a shame, because I really like them. So this chicken is my first attempt to bring cute animals back into the environment.

I also want white peacocks in the Queen’s garden, because that is going to look badass.