First post!


Hello everyone!

I’m making a game. It has an elephant. And puzzles. And weird npc:s, monsters and adventure. It’s inspired by such games as Zelda: the Minish Cap, and even though it’s a 3D game I’m trying to think of it as if it were for something like a Gameboy. The camera never rotates, the environment is built inside a grid and I try and think of the 3D models more like sprites (if that makes any sense).

The game is obviously quite adorable, but my intention is to treat the story and world with quite a lot of respect, and make it an advanced and complex experience. Not to mention how many clever puzzles and adventures I have planned down the pipeline!

This is my development blog, and I will post .gifs and updates as often as I can, showing off cool new features and all the love and attention that goes into all the little details.