Carrying Items


This is the first feature I worked on, once I got the elephant to walk around. If you face an item you can pick it up and carry it on your back. Early designs and prototypes of this game were a lot more like a point-n-click adventure, and the elephant had a whole inventory where you could carry around lots of random items. But I have streamlined the design to a point where you can only carry one item at a time, which might sound like a step back, but it will actually make puzzles much more contained, understandable and clear.

The game will have a bunch of quest items, which you can give to the right person to get a reward. I’m thinking of making side quest in the form of trade-chains, where the reward for helping one npc out is an item which another npc wants. But this carrying mechanic will also be used when you’ll need to find keys to locked doors, or throw bombs on enemies, and much more

Or, as in this case, just to pick up a jar and run around with it for a bit before breaking it and find a treasure inside!