Air ability and Dandelions



In addition to various actions, such as headbutting and picking up items, the Elephant also has a handful of Abilities at hand, and they all centre around his trusty trunk. This is the first and most basic one, which simply consists of blowing a gust of air in front of you. Later, you will be able to charge your trunk up with for example water which can then be sprayed out, but that’s a story for another time.

For now, let’s talk about the air ability. As seen, it can be used to blow on dandelion balls, but it can also activate pinwheels and windmills, and it is a powerful knockback, which can be used in combat to blow enemies away.

In an early prototype I thought of these abilities like items in Zelda, which is to say, once you have found them you can use them any time. But when I moved to 3D, I streamlined a lot of the puzzle design. As I have mentioned, I changed the inventory into carrying only one item at a time on your back. Similarly, you do not unlock abilities, but rather use whatever you can find in the room you are currently in. If there’s a source of water, you can charge your trunk with water. If not, you can always fall back to blowing air. This means that you will never have to go all the way back to the starter village to pick up that one treasure you couldn’t reach before. It also mean that the elephant never gets stronger as the game progresses, he only gets smarter and learns new things, which fits very well with the story and general message of the game.